CUKI Select teams

Our Elite Academy Program is set up to provide advanced players an environment that could challenge their development and achieve their full footballing potential.

Using our comprehensive coaching syllabus the CUKI Elite Academy assists players to become technically sound, confident and creative with the ball as well as enhancing their decision-making skills.

Our sessions here focus more on playing in groups as opposed to individual training exercises. Our beliefs are why practice as individuals when you can achieve the same results in groups, as football is played in a team and not by individuals. Players will have the opportunity to participate in competitive league and tournament fixtures throughout the season. The program runs every Saturday with the exception of long weekends and school holidays. It is important from the beginning that players and parents understand a huge commitment is asked from them. We are only interested in players who are committed to the training but more importantly committed to their team and teammates.


During our after school programs, players with exceptional talent are presented with an invitational letter to participate in a free trial over any given weekend.

Players can also contact us by clicking on the request trial button and filling out the information or simply contact us via LINE @cuki.

On receiving your request, a member of staff will notify you with a training date within 24hrs.


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