Coaching Manuals

All CUKI sessions are taken from our coaching manuals, which have been put together with over 20 years of experience.

After every year our group of coaches come together and evaluate all the sessions performed in that year. Some drills are taken out and replaced with more update coaching methods. Our curriculum is very much like that of the international school’s, where goals are set at the beginning of the year and achieved by the end of the year. Parents are welcome to enquire what their child will be doing in any given week and we will be able to answer you, resulting in a more transparent academy.


Here players will learn the biomechanics and fundamentals of football alongside ball mastery. Classes are designed with each player having a ball to create as many touches on the ball.


Classes are designed to incorporate the fundamentals and ball mastery learnt from level 1 into fun packed games. Skills and techniques are hidden inside games such as Zombies, Rob the Bank, Highway Code & Jailbreak. Our aim is this level is to create a passion and love for the game that will put them in good step for level 3.


Here you will find a mix of fun games from level 2 and more challenging drills as players are introduced to tactical plays that require combination passing and awareness on the pitch.


At this level, players are prepared for the next phase, which is our Elite Academy (advanced level). Training is very similar to the Spanish Academy with a lot of emphasis on combination passing and running through plays that require multiple players. There is very little training done on individual techniques here, as we believe to take the next step, all sessions should be designed with groups of players in mind. Football is played as a team and not individuals, so why train as individuals at this level? 

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