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Summer Camps

Summer Camps

children in a summer camp in bangkok

Summer Sports Camp

Summer camps are the best way for children to enjoy their school holidays.

Our Academy has been in the business of offering summer sport camps since 1998. Over those years, we have hosted many happy summer campers. Our mission is to provide children with the tools to improve and enjoy sports for life. Our staff are among the finest coaches in Bangkok and qualified international school teachers. Our aim is to provide children with the highest quality summer camps which are fun, improve upon individual skills and self-confidence, and are a great way to meet new friends in a SAFE environment. We also believe our Summer Camps are a great way to improve upon social skills. The best way to become a better athlete is to enjoy the game you are playing.

At Summer Sport Camps, our goal is to stimulate a love and passion for sport among young athletes, by showing them how to accelerate their own progress and achieve goals. By partnering with Can U Kick it Summer Sport Camps we can give your children an unforgettable experience, whilst working with the country's best coaches.

We promise that you will leave our Bangkok summer camps with renewed energy, enthusiasm for sports, and improve self-confidence whilst having enormous amounts of FUN.

Summer Sport Camps will help you, as a young athlete, get fitter, stronger, faster, more skillful and become a more important member to your team

To view the footage taken during our Summer Camp click here.